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Genuine Honda Accessories 08L04-T0A-100 Roof Cross Bar Review

Genuine Honda Accessories 08L04-T0A-100 Roof Cross Bar Review


Model: 08L04-T0A-100

ASIN: B0079DGP64


    • Used for: 2012-2014 CR-V
    • 165 pound maximum load capacity
    • Simple to use
    • Premium accessory adds to the vehicle’s resale value



08L04-T0A-100 Reviews

“This Was A Real Great Buy”

Easily Set up on a 2104 Honda CRV.

Very silent and impact on gas mileage. At 70 miles got 30.8 mpg onto a level street with those on. Checked the noise level using a meter also. At 70 mph the audio level that is A-weight was 72 dB with the sunlight closed and 82 dB with it available. The levels before installing the pubs were 84 dB and 72 dB. Im really happy about the minimal sound levels because I set up a Yakima Whispbar (a more than twice the price of the bar) in my wifes car and it clearly whistles when the sun roof is open. Used a pair of Malone cradles and there is plenty of room to install a second kayak or a bicycle. When the cradles and kayak were around the car, at 70 mph the mileage dropped to 27.1 mpg along with the noise level with the sun roof shut stayed at 71-72 dB.

Genuine Honda Accessories 08L04-T0A-100 Roof Cross Bar Review | 08L04-T0A-100 Review


“These Will Fit A 2016 Cr-V”

First thing, Amazon will tell you these crossbars dont match on the new 2016 CR-V. The product description states they match 2012-2014. If you already have roof rails THESE BARS DO FIT. THEY WILL WORK. I just finished installing mine with little difficulty. The sole difficulty (and it is to be expected) is that you might need to adjust the duration of the rails. The crossbars arrived in excellent condition. They were well packed and had the bolts youll need. Instructions were missing, but you will locate them by seeing […]. The instructions mention that you might have to adjust the ideal stay so as to get the proper match, but they dont actually tell you the way, so I will. On the underneath of the crossbar, there’s a Torx screw. If you loosen it and remove the panel it secures, you may see two more Torx that bite back on the underside of the rail. Loosen these to correct your span. NOTE: These Torx bolts require a different size piece than recorded in the instructions. I believe I used a T-25. Once adjusted youll need a T-30 piece to affix the bars to the roof rails. In other words, make sure you have a set of Torx pieces (at the very least a T-30 and a T-25). Im going on a long drive tomorrow, so if I experience any issues with the pubs I will offer an update. If you dont hear from me, then those are a steal instead of purchasing and installing in the dealership. It actually is an effortless installation.

Genuine Honda Accessories 08L04-T0A-100 Roof Cross Bar Review | 08L04-T0A-100 Review


“These Are Very Easy To Mount About The Factory Rails (Assuming You Have …”

All these are extremely easy to mount on the factory rails (presuming you own a T-30 piece that will connect to a torque wrench). It took me about five minutes to attach them to my 2014 Honda CRV factory rails. They were just the right dimensions, and I just twisted them until they snapped right into position, then screwed them in, and finished them with a torque wrench.They are completely quiet when not wealthy, so that I plan to leave them on all the time, particularly because I really enjoy the look. I have the CRV with all the black trim, and because the rack rails are also black, they create the entire car look like what goes together.The cross bars hold 165 lbs, that’s the maximum for new autos â$” I believe due to some federal requirement. Whatever the case, the pubs feel very strong.I lately attached several Yakima kayak carriers into the roofing, and the carriers fit perfectly. I actually think theyre more protected on those bars.

Genuine Honda Accessories 08L04-T0A-100 Roof Cross Bar Review | 08L04-T0A-100 Review